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Referenzen: have played drums for over 100 bands, with an extensive live, session, studio and recording experience.


In my studio I have a Pearl Masters Acoustic Drum Kit / This actual drum kit featured in this video - - and is now the drum kit I now have in my recording studio in Berlin. / CDS Snares / Diril Cymbals / Huge Collection
Akustik:, Some of my recent studio recordings can be heard here:
2 x SE Electronics SE4, 2 x AKG Perception 420, AKG D112, Electrovoice RE20, Sennheiser MD421, Beyer Dynamic 101, Sennheiser E609, Shure SM57, Beyer Dynamic 201, My studio has a selection of:, + more coming soon


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€ n.a. / Stunde
€ 100.00 / Tag
Inklusive Tontechniker
Inklusive Mixing
Max. Tagesumfang 8 Stunden
€ n.a. / Stunde
€ 150.00 / Tag
Inklusive Tontechniker
Inklusive Mixing
Max. Tagesumfang 8 Stunden
Remote Drum Recordings for your project from a choice of proffesional studios and recording spaces

Si Hall | 02. Mai 2014, 13:00

Rich's remote session service was my first experience of recording without a drummer in the same room as me, I didn't know what to expect. I'm very happy to say that the results were far beyond anything I had anticipated. Rich possess an uncanny ability to very quickly grasp the feel and style of the overall piece that you are trying to create and adapt his playing style accordingly. In my case, he was able to take the simple acoustic guitar guide and vocal that I supplied him with and lay down great sounding, brilliantly played drums that were wholly in keeping with how the track was intended to sound when all other instrumentation had been added later. It's as if he was tuned in to the finished song that had been playing in my head. The recording quality of the drum tracks he created and the speed with which he was able to interpret what I wanted and provide me with a finished piece, was absolutely first rate. I would recommend Rich all day long for this sort of work. Si Hall

Le-Thanh Ho | 07. August 2014, 18:55

Working with Rich Millin was amazing, relaxed and professional. The recording quality of the drum tracks that he sent to us were very well produced and sounded great. He is an excellent drummer: tight, creative, passionate and concentrated. It was such a pleasure and so easy to work with him as he could find very fast the right and convenient mood and drumming style for our kind of music.

Flemming Borby | 18. August 2014, 15:50

I had the great opportunity to work with Rich for an album studio session here in Berlin. It was one of the best drum recording experiences ever. Such a well prepared and easy going TIGHT drummer is very seldom. Can only give my best and warmest recommendation.

SergioManutic | 02. September 2014, 11:11

Rich has been an amazing addition to this project. His creativity has really helped to shape the songs and the overall sound. He is easy to work with and an amazing player - I just wish he lived closer to home... Highly, highly recommended. Sergio Manutic, Mr Dog The Bear

The Blowbacks | 16. September 2014, 21:53

When I needed someone to play the drum parts on my latest bunch of recordings RIch was always my first choice (he has provided drum tracks for me in the past too) and once again he has exceeded all expectations. I’m in the process of mixing the songs at the moment, and it’s an absolute pleasure hearing how Rich has brought the existing tracks to life. I’m amazed at the details in his playing, particularly given the speed with which Rich provided his parts. It really sounds like the rhythm section recorded their parts together. I asked quite a lot of Rich in terms of wanting a variety of playing styles without losing cohesion across all of the songs and Rich has 100% nailed it!If you want a great drummer who will interpret your music as if he’s read your mind, then I wholeheartedly recommend Rich. I should also point out that Rich is one of the sweetest, loveliest people you will ever meet and a total joy to work with. First choice for me, every time. Gareth Nutter

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